Visit Kumartuli―witness the Goddess come alive

In the event that you’ve wondered over the unpredictable magnificence of the icons of Goddess Durga amid the Durga Puja celebration in Kolkata, you’ve no uncertainty considered how they’re made. It’s really conceivable to see the icons being high quality. Where? Kumartuli Potter’s Town in north Kolkata.

The settlement of Kumartuli, signifying “potter region” (Kumar = potter. Tuli = region), is more than 300 years of age. It was shaped by a cluster of potters who went to the territory looking for a superior employment. These days, around 150 families live there, procuring a living by chiseling symbols for the different celebrations.

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In the number one spot up to Durga Puja, a huge number of craftsmans (numerous who are enlisted from different territories) drudge perseveringly in roughly 550 workshops to finish the symbols of Durga in time for the celebration. What’s satisfying to note is that the symbols are made out of naturally neighborly materials, for example, bamboo and earth. This varies from the icons of Lord Ganesh, which are overwhelmingly made out of Plaster of Paris for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, especially in Mumbai.

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Most of Durga icons are made by lesser known craftsmans, who are exploratory in nature. In any case, there are a couple of prestigious names that make customary icons that rouse profound commitment. One such individual is Ramesh Chandra Pal, who works out of his studio at Raja Nabakrishna Street. There’s dependably a race to see his venerated images amid Durga Puja.

The Durga icons are shown on richly brightened open platform all over Kolkata & westbengal amid the celebration.

On the off chance that you cherish workmanship, you shouldn’t miss visiting Kumartuli. In any case, notwithstanding, it’s a spot that offers an extraordinary portion of culture. The limited labyrinth of paths and back streets group with mankind, and divine beings and goddesses in different conditions of creation.

Meandering through them, and seeing the specialists at work, uncovers an interesting world inside a world directly before you.

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One thing to remember however, is that the territory can be somewhat filthy and unkempt – yet don’t give it a chance to put you off it!

Where is Kumartuli?

North Kolkata. The primary area is Banamali Sarkar Street.

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How to Get There

It’s most straightforward to take a taxi (travel time is around a short ways from Park Street) to Kumartuli. Uber is accessible in Kolkata, and the passage will be roughly 140-200 rupees one way.

Something else, transports and prepares go to Kumartuli. The closest railroad station is the Sovabazar Metro. Sovabazar Launch Ghat (nearby the Ganges stream) is additionally close by. Going out for a stroll to the riverbank is advantageous, as you’ll get the chance to see old Gothic and Victorian style houses. From that point you can recover a vessel to focal Kolkata.

When is the Best Time to Visit?

Icon making for different celebrations happens generally from June to January.

Obviously, the greatest event is Durga Puja. There’s typically a furor of movement around 20 days before the Durga Puja celebration starts, so as to get all the work wrapped up.

Generally, the eyes of the Goddess are drawn on (in a favorable custom called Chokkhu Daan) on Mahalaya – around seven days before Durga Puja begins. It merits seeing.

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