8 Ultimate ways to Travel cheaply around on a Budget

How often have you dreamed of exploring & Travelling the places but afraid about consequences of the bank balance ? Since India is a developing country its countrymen are mostly of middle-class family who saves their money more than spending. However, planning budget trips to India is much more easier than an international one.

A little hard-work and these 10 tips for budget travel in India are all you would like to conquer the best Indian destinations with only a few hundred bucks in your pocket.

Here it your top 8 Ways to travel cheaply around India on a Budget:

1. Research well – Know the destination in-depth

If you are on a tight budget, put your time to research and know the best places to explore, stay, travel & eat.

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2. Travel Off Season & Get the best deal

The main reason to choose off-season is due to the cost which are high during peak season and if you are on budget its not a good time to explore. also there is very low or no crowd in the off-season with leads to get the best deals on hospitality and can enjoy the destination in peace.

3. Try to get overnight transits between cities & Saves the Hotel Tariffs

The simple reason behind this is to cut the cost of night stay at hotels. All you need is to plan the overnight journey/transits between cities. However travelling overnight consecutively could be discomforts which can leads to headache, fatigue, etc. make sure to rest properly between your transits because peaceful sleep is necessary for the next day excursion.

4.Use public transport – Cut the spend on private transfers

Public transport are the optimal, easiest and life saver for budget travelers. In India if you compare with private transport then it will always cost you a bomb and will make a hole into your pocket. State buses, along with local rickshaws/ferries – if any, are the cheapest way to move around locally. You can also go for day passes that are the cheapest way to spend a day just sightseeing.

5. Choose Hostels, Couchsurfing/ Home-stay, Instead of Hotels 

Hostels and Home stays are nowadays trending among the travelers. Being cheap rates with high quality amenities  many budget travelers stays here where they interact exchange each other their ideas. Choosing a homestay over a hotel makes you experience local hospitality, taste local cuisine, and visit the most beautiful places around.

6. Try to live on local food

Three meals a day in a decent resort could really hurt your pocket. Instead search for local delicacies, which are readily available at dhabas, and are cheap as well. Getting the taste and feel of local dishes of an unfamiliar region make for a learning experience and a potential escape when you are running low on budget.

7. Avoid popular markets – For picking souvenirs

Shops near the tourist places are usually tag price high. Instead, head to local flea markets, where you can strike good bargains and also get the souvenirs you need to be bought.

8.Travel in a group – Share & save

The universal rule of expense sharing is directly proportional to effective spending is also applicable while you are traveling. In fact, most travel dreams remain dreams because of unavailability of sufficient funds. But the problem is easy to fix – travel with your friends and split the expenses on rides, food, and accommodation.


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