15 Top Adventure Sports In Rishikesh For Every Thrill Seeker

One of the most religious places in India, Rishikesh is an ultimate destination for adventure sports and known as the “Adventure Capital Of India”. Here is a detail list of the best Rishikesh adventure sports that can be enjoy on weekends or holidays. 1. River Rafting Average Price: Between ₹400 to ₹2500 Best Season:Except for monsoon, […]

Ultimate Guide to Rishikesh- Yoga Capital of World

Seeking for an tranquil enlightenment or an adventure thrill, Rishikesh is the place. It has something or the other for everyone – for those looking for a month-long yoga vacation, to a time bound, less fortunate budget backpackers or an adventure rush weekends. During my recent visit to Rishikesh, I felt the compelling need to […]