Kellys Beach: A Pristine Paradise

Nestled within the heart of Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, Canada, Kellys Beach stands as a testament to the pristine paradise that can be found in the natural world. Often treasured by nature enthusiasts and discovered by those seeking serenity, this secluded beachfront boasts a unique blend of sandy shores, coastal beauty, and a tranquil atmosphere. In this article, we invite you to explore Kellys Beach and discover why it’s the perfect destination for those looking to connect with nature in a pristine coastal setting.

Location and Accessibility

Kellys Beach is situated within Kouchibouguac National Park, located along the eastern coast of New Brunswick. While its remote location adds to its charm, it’s accessible by car, making it an attractive destination for both local residents and tourists looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of Atlantic Canada. The beach area is typically open during the warmer months, allowing visitors to appreciate the changing seasons along the coast.

Natural Beauty

The defining feature of Kellys Beach is its natural beauty, which celebrates the unspoiled landscapes of Kouchibouguac National Park and the majesty of the Northumberland Strait. The beach stretches along the clear waters of the strait, offering breathtaking views of the expansive body of water, sandy shores, and the distant horizon. The sandy shores are inviting and perfect for sunbathing, picnicking, or leisurely strolls along the coastline.

What sets Kellys Beach apart is its pristine and untouched environment. Unlike more crowded beaches, Kellys retains a sense of tranquility and natural charm, allowing visitors to disconnect from the demands of daily life. The clear waters of the Northumberland Strait provide opportunities for swimming, beachcombing, and experiencing the untamed beauty of the New Brunswick coast.

Recreational Activities

Kellys Beach offers a range of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy:

  1. Swimming: The clear and refreshing waters of the Northumberland Strait provide excellent opportunities for swimming during the warm summer months.
  2. Beachcombing: The sandy shores and rocky areas are ideal for beachcombing, offering a chance to discover seashells, unique stones, and other coastal treasures.
  3. Hiking: Nearby hiking trails within Kouchibouguac National Park provide opportunities to explore the diverse ecosystems, including salt marshes, forests, and coastal dunes.
  4. Wildlife Viewing: Kellys Beach is part of a pristine natural environment, making it a haven for birdwatching and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors may encounter a variety of shorebirds, seals, and other coastal creatures.

Local Culture and Events

While Kellys Beach itself is a serene coastal retreat, the nearby communities of Kouchibouguac and Richibucto offer cultural experiences, shopping, dining, and occasional local events, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the Acadian heritage of the region. The area is known for its friendly communities, strong connection to nature, and a welcoming spirit.

Conservation and Sustainability

Efforts to protect the natural beauty and ecological balance of Kellys Beach and its surroundings are a priority. Kouchibouguac National Park is dedicated to preserving the pristine environment, promoting sustainability, and ensuring that future generations can continue to enjoy the area’s untouched beauty.


Kellys Beach, located within Kouchibouguac National Park in New Brunswick, Canada, is a pristine paradise that celebrates the natural beauty of the Atlantic coast. Its clear waters, sandy shores, and tranquil atmosphere make it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, beach lovers, and travelers seeking a coastal escape in the heart of Atlantic Canada.

Whether you’re swimming in the refreshing waters of the Northumberland Strait, exploring the sandy shores, or simply savoring the serenity of Kellys Beach, it invites you to experience the best of coastal paradise. It’s more than just a beach; it’s a place where natural beauty and coastal tranquility harmoniously coexist, creating cherished moments and lasting memories for all who visit.