Rediscovering The Heritage of Bishnupur, An Era of Malla kingdom

Rediscovering The Heritage of Bishnupur, An Era of Malla kingdom

Being a district native and i got a little overwhelmed as our family comes from Bankura. These places were visited many times but never penned down till i get into writing my travelogue. Instead of a generic “things to do in Bishnupur,” I tried to share my personal experience as the ancient temple town marveled me with all its exquisite.

Bishnupur has many ancient terracotta structures which are distinctive and attention grabbing. This post mostly covers my journey & experience to Bishnupur. Actual attractions are to be listed in a separate post below.

Bishnupur was once a cultural capital of westbengal with its world famous arts, crafts, architecture, textile and music. Ruled by Prosperous Malla Kings can be seen once you pass by the mossy ruins of glorious kingdom kept well-preserved. It is also called Mallabhum. King Raghunath of Malla had been a fantastic wrestler.

It was in the wee hour when the whistle of train, from far away, cut through the silence of night’s peace. As soon as the train enters the platform, constant repeated calls of “chai, garam chai” by the tea sellers at stations is probably the omni-present sound phenomenon in India. As i came out, took an auto to reach my hotel. Once you step into city, you can travel cover the whole city by walking, or taking the Rickshaws. As i reach hotel checked-in my room took some rest and with the bottle of water & camera i walked out for rediscovering the era of malla kings.

Upon taking my breakfast, begin with a visit of the most notable temples: Rasmancha temple, Temple of Shyam Ray, Temple of Madan Mohan, Temple of Jor-Bangla and Temple of Lalji, etc. You can get a map or the books street-vendors sell for ₹10 or can check this blog for detailed information.

NOTE: This Blog is about how i explored and what is my itinerary, You can get detailed overview of each places, click here Bishnupur – A Land of Terracotta Temples.

Every temples display an exquisite art style, each more beautifully embellished than the other are a fascinating architectural mixture of design from Odisha & Persia and countless terracotta artworks on both exterior and interior walls. From the labyrinth of Rasmancha to the numerous scenes of artworks depicted on the walls and pillars of the temples which tells you the glory of kings that they lived.

rashmancha- bishnupur
The labyrinth of Rasmancha
Artworks depicted on the walls Jor Bangla.

The sun was on top after visiting the temples and felt hungry so I chose to have the lunch and visit the other one. There are no fancy restaurants, but there are a range of eating joints that would provide you Bengali food on pocket friendly rates. I ordered a veg thali consisting of rice, daal, two kinds of veg items, Posto bora(famous dish in bishnupur made of poppy seeds) and one chatni which cost me under ₹100/-. Pasto bora has been so good i ordered one extra.

Post lunch the first spot is the long wrought Iron Canon next to Bishnupur’s Chinnamasta Temple, popularly known as dalmadal. A massive 3.8mtr long canon believed to be operated by Madan Mohan himself to drive away Maratha Bargis when they tried to attack Bishnupur in 1742.

dalmadal canon
massive 3.8mtr long canon

Nearby is the temple of the headless goddess – Chinnamasta, the self-decapitated goddess. The temple has been modern-style restored.

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In the evening, you can get Jhal Muri(made of puffed rice and an assortment of spices, vegetables, chanachur and mustard oil). Bishnupur is renowned for the local sweet Mecha Sandesh, Pera and Postor Bora you have to savor while in town. The delicious chicken chops and pakoras made from potato, onion, brinjal etc. can be enjoyed other than this.

Not only Bishnupur is known for its terracotta temples but also renowned for its Baluchuri Sarees and its terracotta souvenirs and artworks particularly the Bankura horses. Bishnupur houses Thousands of craftsmen and artisans who have continued to carry the cultural heritage of the region.

Teracotta horse
Teracotta Artifacts

Bankura Horses, ranging from a few inches to more than 5 feet in height, are not only famous within the country, but are also exported throughout the world. Most shops are located on the Chinnamasta Temple Lane, right outside the workshops and are reasonably priced.

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TOTAL COST : Under ₹1000/-

Entry Fees : There is a combine ticket of approx 5 to 6 place provided by ASI at a minimal cost of ₹30/-.
Camera : Photography is prohibited in many temples but you can (you know what i mean).
Fooding : ₹500
Tuktuk fees – ₹30
Hotel – ₹250

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