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Subhadeep Hazra

As a travel blogger, apart from sharing my travel stories with my readers, I believe in promoting, collaborating and engaging with relevant travel brands and also with Tourism Boards to help them connect with my readers.  It is my responsibility to educate and promote the right thing to my audience. I enjoy collaborating on various things for the right reasons.

Travel stories

Being a travel blogger, I love sharing my travel stories on my blog. I like to contribute my exclusive travel stories to print media which includes travel magazine, news paper, and even for travel books.


I like capturing rare moments into my lens while travelling to destinations. I am open to contribute my photographs for print media as well.


I believe in the power of visual media. The travel videos have an ever lasting impact on the mind of any traveler. I personally love making those short cinematic travel videos to promote destinations, culture, lifestyle and even resorts and hotels. Through my travel videos, I like to take you to amazing destinations virtually and inspire you enough to come out of your comfort zone to explore these beautiful places on earth.

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